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King-Tour "Follow the traces of King Ludwig II. and Empress Elisabeth of Austria at Starnberger See:

Starnberger See

Take a day to learn about King Ludwig II and Empress Elisabeth – Sissi – of Austria right where it all happened! Explore home and surroundings of Ludwig and Sissi.

Day schedule:

  • Start at 9 pm in Starnberg
  •  Visit to the Sissi-Museum at Possenhofen
  • Visit of Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth at Feldafing. One of the favourite spots of Sissi
  • Through Lenne-Park at Feldafing
  • Gondola-trip to the enchanted island Roseninsel. Approximately 1h stay.
  • Lunch break
  • Walking-tour through the castle gardens of Possenhofen with visit to the Sissi-castle (from the outside)
  • Steamboat trip around Starnberger See, approximately 3h.
  • Optional on trip back: Exit at Leoni and visit of the votive chapel and the memorial cross in the lake (place where King Ludwig II. died)
  • Arrival at Starnberg around 6 pm

Sights of the King-Tour:

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Starnberger See:
Starnberger See is closely connected with the Bavarian Dukes and Kings, especially King Ludwig II., who drowned in Berg together with his personal doctor Dr. Gudden in 1886 under – till today – unexplained circumstances. Today a votive chapel and a wooden cross stand in the lake close to the place where it happened as a memorial of this scandalous event. The lake has been called Starnberger See only since 1962, before that it was called Würmsee. Starnberger See is located about 25 kilometres in the south of Munich and offers a beautiful view on the Alps. Starnberger See is 56 square kilometres big, it is the second largest lake of Bavaria. It is 20.2 km long, up to 4.6 km broad and has a depth of up to 127,8 m. Still today, Starnberger See with its spacious parks and nature reserves is a popular home for celebrities.

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The Empress Elisabeth museum of community Pöcking is located in the historical station of Possenhofen. The station was build and opened for the public in 1865 by King Ludwig II. of Bavaria. Young Elisabeth spend her summers in castle Possenhofen with her parents and her siblings. She and her family, as well as kings and emperors and the nobility used the grand waiting chamber, where today the museum is placed, for their arrivals and departures. You will be surprised of the treasures you will discover!

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Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth:
One of the favourite spots of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, with a beautiful garden and a gorgeous view on Starnberger See. To remember lovely Sissi, the hotel carries her name. Enjoy the ice cream cake Empress Elisabeth and a coffee on the terrace with a sensational outlook over the lake into the mountains.

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Lenné-Park Feldafing:
King Maximilian II. of Bavaria added two masterpieces of gardening to the already existing parks of the dynasty Wittelsbach in 1850 with Roseninsel and park Feldafing which was started 4 years later. By the layouts of the garden artist Joseph Lenné the former fishing island Wörth was transformed into scenting rose paradise, to which later on also King Ludwig II. took a liking. Park Feldafing gives beautiful impressions of the landscape framed by old oaks and beeches. Starnberger See and the mountain range of the Alps offer a picturesque background.

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Roseninsel (Rose-Iland):
Elisabeth, "Sissi", knew the location well, she spent a good part of her youth at close by Castle Possenhofen. Still in later times she visited Feldafing in summer for many years and resided at hotel „Strauch“ (today hotel „Kaiserin Elisabeth“). She did the passage to the island almost every day, which makes her, except for the gardener, probably into the person who actually inhabited the idyllic hideaway for the longest time. Elisabeths fondness of the romantic island was perhaps the main reason why Ludwig II. cultivated the place so diligently. From time to time he would have secret meetings on the lonely island with his Sissi. Since 2003 the renovated and re-build mansion is open for visitors. From spring to autumn (May 1st til October 15th) you can cross over to the island, according to weather circumstances and number of visitors.

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Castle Possenhofen:
The probably most famous castle at Fünf-Seen-Land is Possenhofen, because of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Sissi here spend her happy childhood summers together with her parents Duchess Ludovica and Duke Maximilian and her siblings.
Many visitors follow her traces in the former parks and gardens of the castle. Today, the castle is privately owned and can only be viewed from the outside.

A trip around the facility is still worth it. It is very special to visit the former parks and gardens of the castle which were not open to the public during Elisabeth’s times. Very picturesque to look at are also the century-old ruins of the former wall of the park.

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Votive chapel and memorial cross of King Ludwig II:
The votive chapel, which was build in honor of Ludwig II is located above the place the dead king was found. 1887 his mother Queen Marie endowed a requiem light, which was later integrated into the stairs. The cornerstone of the chapel was laid down by Prince Regent Luitpold on the 10th anniversary of King Ludwig’s death in June 1896. Four years later the chapel, which is build in the early Romanesque style, could be opened. It was created by the former architect of the King, Julius Hofmann. Still today, every year on the day of the King’s death, a memorial service is held at the votive chapel and at the memorial cross which is located only some meters below at Starnberger See.

Departure & Return:

  • Departing days: Every day for a minimum number of participants from 10 persons
  • Departure: At 9:00 am in front of the steam boat station at Starnberg (At Seepromenade, directly in front of the station of the suburban train). Look for the travel guide holding the sign saying “Bavaria-AgenTour”.
  • Return: Around 6:00 pm at Starnberg

In King-Tour included:

  • Travel guide
  • Ticket for the suburban train
  • Entrance and guided tour to Sissi-Museum Possenhofen
  • Gondola trip to Roseninsel
  • Steam boat trip

Not included in King-Tour:

  • Transfer from and to the hotels
  • Food and beverages

Please bring:

  • Sturdy footwear
  • Rain jacket

Castle-Tour is bookable on request:

  • For groups from 10 Persons!


  • Adults: from Euro 79.-
  • Children(4-14 years): from Euro 49.-
  • Toddlers (0-4 years) free


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