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Sissi-Museum at Possenhofen

The Empress Elisabeth Museum, Sissi-Museum, of community Pöcking is located at the historical railway station at Possenhofen. In its Kings Chamber it exhibits an overview of the fascinating live of the Empress, starting with her childhood at Possenhofen, on to palatial times as a monarch in Austria to her tragic end at Genfer See.The station was build by King König Ludwig II. of Bavaria and it was opened in 1865. Empress Elisabeth arrived with her palace car at 1869 for the first time at the station in Possenhofen. She employed the grand waiting chamber, which is decorated richly in painting and stucco, to then go on, to Castle Possenhofen, located directly on the shore of Starnberger See, by cartridge.Empress Elisabeth, nicknamed Sisi, often visited Castle Possenhofen. She spent untroubled childhood summers there with her parents Duchess Ludovika and Duke Maximilian in Bavaria and her siblings. Castle Possenhofen is at only 10 minutes walking distance of Station Possenhofen. The legendary rose island “Roseninsel” is located about 30 minutes farther south. This is the place where Empress Elisabeth would have her private meetings with King Ludwig II. These sights are connected with the so-called “Empress-Elisabeth-Path” of the communities Pöcking and Feldafing.

Opening Times:
The museum is open for visitors from May until October at Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays from 12 pm. until 6 pm.

Group tours until max 25 participants can visit the museum all year on special agreement. 

Adults: Euro 4,-
People with discount and groups: Euro 3,-
Children: Euro 1,-

Information about Sissi, the Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary:

Sissi is mentioned amongst the most beautiful women of her time, romanticized as Sissi or Sisi by books and movies until today. Elisabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary was at her time a liberal connoisseur and an emancipated rebel, artistically, politically and athletically at the same time.

Born on 12th December 1837 as the forth child of Princess Ludovika of Bavaria, Duchess in Bavaria and Duke Maximilian in Bavaria, she spend her happy childhood at the Munich Town Palace and at Castle Possenhofen on Starnberger See.

Possenhofen and Starnberger See stayed also after her wedding with Emperor Franz Joseph I. in the year 1854 a beloved getaway and a place of recreation. Far away from the court ceremonial in Vienna, here she was able to dedicate herself to care for her body and soul. She savored her freedom on horseback in the hilly landscape, on enchanted Roseninsel or also in the ladies bath of Hotel Strauch at Feldafing.For twenty-four summers Elisabeth enjoyed quiet and relaxation in the hotel, which is today named after her, and in the intimate surroundings at Starnberger See. Apart from these sole and rare moments of peace, she never was a happy woman during her adulthood. Not comfortable at the stiff court at Vienna and in constant conflict with her husbands mother Sophie of Austria she was soon also known for depressions, unsteady behavior and eating disruptions. After the passing away of her relative and soul-mate King Ludwig II. of Bavaria in 1886 and the suicide of her son Archduke Rudolf in 1889, Elisabeth started excessive traveling from Madeira to Korfu until her trips found a tragic end with her murder in Geneva in 1898.

Empress-Elisabeth-Path (Elisabethweg) Possenhofen:

Combine your visit of Sissi-Museum with a promenade on the Elisabeth Path. The Elisabeth Path starts at the station of the urban railway at Possenhofen and follows the traces of Sissi to Castle Possenhofen, to Roseninsel and via Lenné-Parc to the Glof Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth at Feldafing. From there the loop excursion leads you through the „wolves canyon“, Wolfsschlucht, back to the station at Possenhofen.

Or book our “King-Tour – follow the traces of King Ludwig II and Austrian Empress Elisabeth at Starnberger See“.


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We are happy to arrange individual tours for your wishes and expectations. 


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Sissi, Königin von Österreich
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