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Lake-Land-Tour: The most beautiful places between the lakes Starnberger See and Ammersee:

Get enchanted by the unique landscape of upper Bavaria and the countless spare-time activities Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land offers. Discover on this day-trip the most beautiful spots of this region.

Day schedule:

  • Start: 8:30 am at Starnberg
  • From Starnberg the trip goes along the eastern shore of Starnberger See to St. Heinrich. Breakfast with local gastronomic specialtities.
  • Walk over the hill Ilkahöhe at Tutzing
  • From Tutzing the bus drives to the west along the western shore of Ammersee to Diessen
  • From Diessen the paddle wheel steamer MS Herrsching brings you over Ammersee via the towns Herrsching, Utting and Schondorf to Stegen
  • After short excursions to lake Wörthsee you can try and buy frish local fish specialities.
  • Bus goes on to Herrsching at Ammersee.
  • Walk trough the beautiful valley „Kiental“ from Herrsching to Andechs (1 hour walking time)
  • Break at the monastery Kloster Andechs, stay of about 2 hours
  • Arrival at Starnberg around 6.30 pm

Sights of Lake-Land-Tour:

Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land:
The area of the five lakes Starnberger See, Ammersee, Pilsensee, Wörthsee und Wesslinger See is known as "Fünf-Seen-Land" or "Five-Lake-Land". Fünf-Seen-Land is a popular recreation area with many sights, places to swim, bike and hiking trails and almost endless possibilities for leisure. Famous personalities lived here: Empress Elisabeth of Austria, called Sissi, grew up in the region at Possenhofen. King Ludwig II would seek for relaxation of his duties in the big city of Munich at its shore. A lot of German celebrities have settled down here, Heinz Rühmann, Peter Maffay, Loriot, Heiner Lauterbach and many more. There are countless beautiful places to discover and great "Biergartens" and restaurants invite you for a snack. With the steam boats of the Bavarian Lake navigation the lakes Starnberger See and Ammersee can be crossed and the landscape can be enjoyed from the water. Cultural sights like Buchheim Museum and the museum of local history at Starnberg wait to be explored. There are many exciting legends and stories about the land of the five lakes, Fünfseenland.

Starnberger See:
Starnberger See is closely connected with the Bavarian Dukes and Kings, especially King Ludwig II., who drowned in Berg together with his personal doctor Dr. Gudden in 1886 under – till today – unexplained circumstances. Today a votive chapel and a wooden cross stand in the lake close to the place where it happened as a memorial of this scandalous event. The lake has been called Starnberger See only since 1962, before that it was called Würmsee. Starnberger See is located about 25 kilometres in the south of Munich and offers a beautiful view on the Alps. Starnberger See is 56 square kilometres big, it is the second largest lake of Bavaria. It is 20.2 km long, up to 4.6 km broad and has a depth of up to 127,8 m. Still today, Starnberger See with its spacious parks and nature reserves is a popular home for celebrities.

Ilkahöhe Tutzing:
Ilkahöhe is a 726 m high hill at the western shore of Starnberger See in the south of Tutzing. It was formed in the ice age by the glacier Würm. It is the remnat of a side moraine. Because of its exposed location Ilkahöhe is a popular lookout. On clear days the Alps can be seen from the highest German mountain Zugspitze to Chiemgauer Alps.

Ammersee, below the holy mountain Andechs, is the third-largest lake of Bavaria after Chiemsee and Starnberger See. It is the lake in the alpine upland which lies the farthest up north. Its western shore belongs to the county Landsberg am Lech. The eastern shore belongs to several communities of county Starnberg and a small part in the south around the mouth of the river Ammer belongs to the county Weilheim-Schongau. The lake has a size of 47 square kilometres and a maximum depth of about 80 meters. The former island Schwedeninsel has transformed already into a peninsula and at some point it will merge completely with the shore.


Wörthsee is located in the northern district of Starnberg, about 25 km southwest of Munich and is one of the cleanest and most beautiful Bavarian lakes. The largest part of the shore is privately owned and is not accessible. There are five major beaches on the lake. The lake is owned by the Earl of Toerring. It is bordered to the north of the four districts of the municipality Wörthsee and west of two places in the municipality of inning. The name of the lake is based on the island of Wörth. Like the other lakes in the Bavarian Alpine foothills of Wörthsee was created by the Exaration a glacier foreland. It forms a branch of the Isar river basin-Loisach glacier.

Hike through "Kiental" to monastery Andechs:
The most popular and probably also most beautiful hiking trail in our area is Kiental. It is a deep valley with steep mountain slopes to the left and to the right of the creek Kien between the towns Herrsching and Andechs. Kiental and the end moraine of Andechs were formed in the ice age 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. We walk on an interesting trail in beautiful landscape to Andechs (1 hour, easy trail). Alternative: go by bus to Andechs directly.

Monastery Andechs:
Visible from afar monastery Andechs is located on the holy mountain Andechs above the eastern shore of Ammersee in the middle of Fünf-Seen-Land. It has been a popular location for pilgrims for half a milennium. As a place for encounter and orientation monastery Andechs with its brewery, its bar Bräustüberl, the restaurant Klostergasthof and certainly also with its rich cultural offer in the representative premises of the sovereign and the concert hall “Florian-Stadl, is a place in great demand for conferences and an attraction for visitors from allover the world.

Have a relaxed end of the day with a good Andechser Spezial beer and a delicious pork knuckle roast.

Departure & Return:

  • Departing days: Every day for a minimum number of participants from 10 persons
  • Departure: 8.30 am on the parking area of Landratsamt, Strandbadstr. 2, 82319 Starnberg.
  • Return: Around 6:30 pm at Landratsamt Starnberg

In Lake-Land-Tour included:

  • Travel guide
  • Bus-transfer at air-conditioned coach
  • Extensive steam-boat trip on Ammersee

Not included in Lake-Land-Tour:

  • Transfer from and to the hotels
  • Food and beverages

Please bring:

  • Sturdy footwear
  • Rain jacket

Lake-Land-Tour is bookable on request:

  • For groups from 10 Persons!


  • Adults: from Euro 79.-
  • Children (4-14 years): from Euro 49.-
  • Toddlers (0-4 years) free


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